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If blogging was about chances, I would have lost it all. I can't proudly say that I'm a blogger. I've absolutely lost the courage to say that, but I believe that with your forgiveness and support, I could do that once again. I'm sorry, friends 😍😘. One love πŸ’–πŸ’—



The key to overcoming challenges is learning how to pray. Everything good thing is sourced in God, and all of God’s promises have their β€œyes” or fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ. This in itself should help relieve the anxiety or worry that the flesh wants to control us. With an attitude of thankfulness that God will hear our prayers and requests, we are to make our needs known to him.


The Beauty of the World (Seven Wonders of the World)

It's been a very long time I visited here, and I've missed you all so much. Actually, I went into slight depression because of some things which humanly, I couldn't avoid, and took an unplanned hiatus from friends and blogging, but hey, I'm fine and back. Yay! Well, I think the break did some good… Continue reading The Beauty of the World (Seven Wonders of the World)